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Meet Delaware Families

Meet Delaware Families

Meet real Delaware couples who are already doing the work of marriage and are waiting for the day that they can marry in the state they call home.

JohnandTommy1.jpgJohn & Tommy Fisher-Klein

For John and Tommy Fisher-Klein, February has always be a special month.In 2008, it was the month that they started dating, after meeting at a performance of Hair that Tommy was in. John attended with some friends, who introduced the men after the show. In 2009, it was the month that John gave Tommy a beautiful ring, a symbol for how much he cared about Tommy. In 2010, it was the month that Tommy gave John a similar ring and asked, "Will you be mine forever?" CLICK HERE TO READ JOHN & TOMMY'S FULL STORY.

Emily Falcon & Jennifer Merola

EmilyJennifer3_forpost.jpgEmily and Jennifer were among the first same-sex couples in Delaware to join together in civil union after the law took effect in January 2012. They had a beautiful ceremony on January 14 - "before Emily got too pregnant," Jennifer joked - and on April 21, 2012, they became the proud parents of triplets. After a year of struggling to get pregnant through insemination - a struggle that included five failed attempts and exploratory surgery - the women finally welcomed three healthy children - two sons and a daughter - into the world. CLICK HERE TO READ EMILY & JENNIFER'S FULL STORY.


DanandDanDE2.jpegDan Campione & Dan Gallery

Dan Gallery and Dan Campione love each other and they love to sing. For more than ten years they’ve been making music with the Rainbow Chorale of Delaware. At a June 2004 concert, Dan Campione inserted a slip of paper into every program book that said, "Dan, Will You Marry Me?" When Dan Gallery approached the microphone during intermission, someone in the audience shouted out, "What was your answer?," to which Gallery sheepishly responded, "My answer was yes." CLICK HERE TO READ DAN & DAN'S FULL STORY.

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Meet real Delaware families who want to marry in the state they call home. http://bit.ly/1DPnk6I
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Meet real Delaware families who want to marry in the state they call home. http://bit.ly/1EshfyP