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We’ve just received word: a generous donor has pledged to match every dollar we raise toward securing the freedom to marry in Delaware, up to $20,000, for the next three weeks!

DEMatch_Email.jpgThat’s $40,000 we can put directly toward building our grassroots campaign across the state -- hiring more organizers, training volunteers, and connecting Delawareans with their legislators.

This is a serious investment in Delaware, and we can’t let this opportunity go to waste.

Pitch in $12 now -- and we’ll double the impact of your donation instantly, thanks to this matching gift.

Marriage supporters are not investing in this campaign on a whim. They see us mobilizing new volunteers, winning support from key lawmakers and influential groups, and changing the conversation about why marriage matters to everyone. They’ve seen this campaign grow and build incredible momentum toward winning the freedom to marry in Delaware.

We have what it takes to be the next state to pass marriage -- and people around the state are taking notice. This $40,000 investment is critical for us to run the campaign that we need to win. But we can’t get there without you.

We need marriage supporters across the state to dig deep and match this $20,000 pledge in the next three weeks. If you’ve been waiting to chip in -- now’s the time:


As we’ve been building our campaign, supporters like you have stepped up every time we’ve asked, giving of your time and energy. I know you’re ready to meet this next challenge so we don’t miss out on this opportunity.

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