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House will vote on marriage bill Tuesday


It's official: the House vote on the marriage equality bill (HB75) is scheduled for Tuesday.

That’s less than 96 hours to secure the votes we need. It’s not going to be easy to secure all the support we need in just a few days -- so if we want to win on Tuesday, we have to get to work right now. Click here to urge your Representative to vote in favor of HB75 (and yes, send another message if you've already sent one).

DoubleHRCdollar.jpgWhen they heard the news about our scheduled vote, our friends at the Human Rights Campaign called our campaign office. They know from experience what it takes to pass a marriage bill, which is why they’ve committed to matching every donation made to Equality Delaware, up to $25,000, so that we have the resources we need between now and Tuesday!

This investment by the HRC would put us in a strong position to run the robust field, lobbying, and communications strategy it will take to make history on Tuesday.

But we need everyone to pitch in -- and fast. By the end of the day, we have to decide where to focus our resources over the next four days. We have to do everything we can to win key votes in the House. But the level of focus and attention we can give to members of the House to win the “yes” depends on how much supporters like you can help us raise today.

That's why we're asking marriage supporters across the state to pitch in $21 right now -- one dollar for each vote we need to pass HB75 on the House floor. And HRC will double every dollar.

Your stories, your dedication, and your activism propelled us to victory on Wednesday in the House Administration Committee. We need your help to win again, this Tuesday on the House floor.

Click here to give now, and together, we'll ensure that Tuesday is another giant leap forward for this campaign.

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commented 2013-04-25 06:30:56 -0400 · Flag
Wow.am single
commented 2013-04-23 19:59:52 -0400 · Flag
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for assisting all Delawarians in getting the equal right we all deserve.