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Thousands of committed same-sex couples have started families and built their lives here in Delaware -- but they still don't have marriage equality in the state they call home. In 2013, it's time to make history by securing marriage for all loving couples in Delaware.

Sign Equality Delaware's petition now urging the Delaware General Assembly to pass a marriage bill in 2013.

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Bullshit-read the individual company law. Don’t be stupid.
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It's time for marriage equality in Delaware! Join me & sign @EQDE's petition now:
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It's time for marriage equality in Delaware! Join me & sign @EQDE's petition now:
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It is time for committed same-sex couples to have the same rights as heterosexual couples.
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Here is the response from Senator Lopez. Let’s hope all those GLBTQ residents who voted for him remember his actions in the next election. Also include dis my email to Senator Lopez.

“Dear Richard,

Thank you very much for your note and for reaching out to me personally. It is an honor to serve you in the State Senate.

This is a tough vote for me as I have known marriage to be between one man and one woman all of my life. While I can appreciate the arguments made by those in support of HB 75, I am just not there. My record has proven thus far that I am not beholden to any political ideology (Republican or Democrat) and put great thought and care into my votes. I have done so in this case as well and taken great effort to hear from as many constituents as possible.

While we may disagree on this issue, please know that if there are any other ways in which you feel as though I can be helpful, do not hesitate to let me know.

With warmest regards and very best wishes as always,

Dr. Ernesto B. “Ernie” Lopez

Delaware State Senate

District 6"


Dear Senator Lopez,

I am writing you as my senator representing all of the people and hoping you do the right thing tomorrow in voting for HB75. You represent an area which probably has the most committed same gender relationships in the state. By voting for HB75, you are clearly demonstrating your commitment to marriage and families, albeit in new forms, but still based on the same values and principles that I think you prescribe.

I also realize this is a controversial issue for some in Delaware, but progress rarely happens without change and courage. I am always reminded of our founding fathers, who took many chances in writing our Constitution to form a more perfect union.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Richard Van Berkel

16412 John Rowland
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It's time for marriage equality in Delaware! Join me & sign @EQDE's petition now:
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Its everyone right to marry who they want. We also are still intact with our religion, morals, and values of life. God is the only Man with the power to judge his OWN.
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My husband and I are married in the State of NY. We hope to soon have the same recognition in our home state, DE. We have the benefits as a civil union; nonetheless, as a couple we want our union to be recognized the same as a heterosexual union – as a marriage. Our union is no less significant.
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All of God’s children deserve to be treated equally.
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