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Senate Committee Sends Marriage Equality Bill to the Floor


Following nearly two hours of heartfelt testimony from same-sex couples, faith leaders, and loving parents explaining why marriage matters to them -- the Senate Executive Committee approved HB75.

The marriage equality bill now moves on to the Senate floor, putting us just one step away from winning the freedom to marry in Delaware.

“Time and again over the past few weeks, lawmakers have affirmed the views of Delawareans in recognizing that the time for marriage equality is upon us. We’re hopeful that Delaware soon will join nine other states in treating all citizens fairly and equally under the law. It's the right thing to do." -Lisa Goodman, Equality Delaware President

The freedom to marry is now within reach, but first, we have to tackle the biggest hurdle this campaign will ever face: passing HB75 on the Senate floor.

Supporters like you have helped build the largest campaign Delaware has ever seen. Tens of thousands of emails, phone calls, and volunteer hours -- that’s exactly the grassroots power that’s propelled us to victory over these past few weeks.

We’re going to need every ounce of that grassroots power to ensure a historic victory on the Senate floor.

We’re now embarking on what will likely be the final days of this campaign -- the Senate vote will happen any day. And everything we’ve built together -- every door knocked, every email sent, every hour spent volunteering -- will boil down to the momentum we can generate before your Senator casts their vote in the coming days.

The latest vote count in the Senate is close -- way too close for comfort. Your Senator needs to know -- right now -- that you want them to stand on the right side of history by voting “yes” on HB75. Send a message to your Senator now, and let’s get this bill passed.

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