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The Face of This Debate: Eugene & Marty


Eugene and Marty were married 40 years ago, and during their time together, they've raised three beautiful children: Rachel, Jonathan, and Molly.

image001.pngSix months ago, the entire family gathered in California as Molly and Jonathan made life-long commitments to the ones they love: Tai and Rasheed. It was a wonderful day -- but their happiness was dampened by the realization that Jonathan and Rasheed's love is not treated equally under the law.

While Molly and Tai were given all the protections of marriage, Jonathan and Rasheed were given access only to "civil unions" or "domestic partnerships" -- even though their commitment was no less real. It was painful for Eugene and Marty to see their children treated differently. That's why they testified before the Delaware General Assembly in favor of HB75.

"The commitment that Jonathan and Rasheed made to one another was as open and genuine as the commitment that Molly and Tai made to one another. Both commitments were based on the love and trust we see between our children and the persons they love. Why then should their status as a committed couple be treated differently under the law?"

On May 7, Delaware Senators will make an important choice. They'll decide whether to continue treating same-sex couples unequally through civil unions or to extend the freedom to marry to all loving families. Eugene and Marty are hoping they stand on the right side of history and offer couples like Jonathan and Rasheed the security and stability that only marriage provides.

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