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The Face of This Debate: Jon & Rob


Jon and Rob have been together for 19 years and are raising two great kids. A few years ago in Massachusetts, they made a lifelong promise to take care of each other in good times and bad.

Blue_Man_Group.JPGBut even though they're married in the eyes of God, and under the laws of the state of Massachusetts -- when they crossed state lines back into Delaware, Jon and Rob lost the dignity and respect that only marriage provides.

That's why Jon and Rob testified before the Delaware General Assembly, asking our lawmakers to extend the freedom to marry to all loving couples.

"We have two wonderful children who are growing up to be fine young men. They are like your kids in every way, except that they don't have the protections that only come from having their parent's relationship recognized as a marriage.

For our children, marriage means that their parents will have the same dignity and recognition as other parents. It means that they will know that their government views us as equals under the law."

Jon and Rob are asking Delaware's legislators to treat their family like any other family -- to allow them to share in the freedom to marry. And on May 7, they're hoping that they have good news to report to their kids.

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