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The Face of This Debate: Pat & Her Son, Dan


Pat is a Delawarean, a practicing Catholic, and a mother. On Wednesday, she stood before the Senate Executive Committee and recounted the moment her son, Dan, came out to her.

photo_(4).JPG"Dan was always a happy, active child -- a 'bubble of joy' his 1st grade teacher called him. As my son grew older, I saw less of this unrestrained happiness, until he came out. I remember every detail from that conversation. Not because of Dan's words, but because of my son's face. It was pure, open, and happy -- the expression that every mother lives for."

Pat has been advocating for marriage equality in Delaware because she wants Dan to someday have the same opportunity to stand before family and friends and make a lifelong commitment to the person he loves -- just like her daughter had.  

Pat's commitment to securing the freedom to marry here in the First State stems directly from her faith. She spoke openly about her Catholic beliefs to the Committee -- so that they would know that, despite what opponents may say, Delawareans support the freedom to marry because of, not in spite of, their faith:

"I am passionate that my son be able to marry the man he loves. My belief is rooted in a deep moral conviction that ALL love is a gift from God. As a practicing Catholic, I am committed to studying the Bible and working for justice in our world. Where basic human rights are denied, we as Catholics are called to stand up for those affected. What right is more basic than to be able to marry the person you love?"

On May 7, the Senate will have the opportunity to act to make Delaware a stronger, better, fairer state. And people like Pat will be there advocating until they do the right thing and extend marriage to all loving couples.

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