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VIDEO: Dr. Donald Morton Supports Marriage Equality


Dr. Donald Morton, Pastor of Perfected Life Church and well-respected faith leader in the Wilmington community, has added his name to the growing chorus of Delawareans voicing their support for marriage equality.

In a video released today, Dr. Morton says that all loving couples deserve equal protection under the law and that as a faith leader, he's proud to support legislation that extends marriage to same-sex couples and protects religious liberty. Watch the video here:

Dr. Morton is joined by several other faith leaders in Delaware who have spoken out for the freedom to marry, including Rev. Dr. H. Ward Greer, Elder of the United Methodist Church:

“I fully support civil marriages and will do all in my power to move this state, my family, and the United Methodist church in the direction not just of tolerance, but of full affirmation, acceptance and understanding of this very human condition of loving and caring for each other. What the world needs now is love, there’s just too little of it.”

Another key supporter, Rev. Dr. Lawrence Michael Livingston, the Sr. Pastor at Mother African Union Church, says that he supports the freedom to marry because of his faith, not in spite of it:

“My faith calls for me to stand on the side of any population of people who are excluded, oppressed, or maligned, just as racial minorities have been and still are in many respects in the nation."

“This committed support from three of Delaware’s respected faith leaders is critical and builds on the momentum we’ve been seeing these past several months,” said our President Lisa Goodman. “A majority of Delawarean’s believe that marriage equality should be extended to all committed couples in the state, and support from community leaders like Dr. Morton and his colleagues adds important voices to this effort.”

Click here to read more about faith support for the freedom to marry in Delaware in this WHYY News exclusive.

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