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Volunteer Spotlight: Help Win Marriage Equality! Come Phone Bank!


The experience of phone banking is never the same from one night to another. Some nights, you'll only get a handful of people on the phone; other nights, you'll have so many conversations that the script starts flowing the moment you hear "Hello?"

Any time you get someone on the phone, that conversation has the potential to be memorable. My favorite conversation so far was with a woman who told me all about how she walked in the early Stonewall marches in the 1970s. She concluded her tale by saying: "I thought my activist days were over, but I guess not."

IMG_0406.JPGWhat phone banking always does have in common is the team ethos -- nightly intros so we'll know our teammates, practicing scripts together, setting goals, ringing the bell to let the room know we've had a success, and talking about the night's highlights over pizza and the occasional baked good from a volunteer to close out the night. Everyone there has their own personal reasons for volunteering, but fundamentally we come together for one goal -- equality.

To join us at our next phone bank -- just sign up here!

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