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Wilmington City Council President Theo Gregory Endorses Marriage Equality


Gregory_2013.jpgIt's been a huge week for our campaign -- and not just because the marriage equality bill was introduced! More and more elected officials are voicing their support for extending the freedom to marry to all committed couples -- including Wilmington City Council President Theo Gregory.

"I, like many people, needed time to ask questions and understand this issue and to learn how same sex marriage would affect people, both straight and gay, throughout our City and State. I have concluded, as I think any objective and caring person should, that giving two people of the same sex the opportunity to be married furthers the important mission of providing equal rights for all. I have also concluded that marriage equality will not force anyone to change their personal beliefs or their religious principles should they choose not to support this concept. I am proud to stand with the majority of Americans and Delawareans who know that marriage equality is the right thing to do and the right thing to support. I urge our City delegation to the General Assembly to join with their colleagues in bringing Delaware further in line with the principles of freedom, respect, equality, and inclusion by approving marriage equality. I also urge Wilmingtonians to contact their legislators and express their support for equal rights and marriage equality."  -Council President Gregory

We are so grateful for Council President Gregory's endorsement! His support for marriage equality is an extension of his commitment to equal rights for all, a cause for which he has worked for many years.

Council President Gregory's strong support gives a boost to our campaign, just as marriage equality legislation (HB75) is introduced in the House. In the coming days, our Representatives will be deciding how to vote on HB75, and they're certainly considering the opinions of community leaders like Council President Gregory.

We hope that our Representatives come to believe, like Council President Gregory, that extending the freedom to marry to all loving couples is good for families across the state because it will provide additional security and stability without affecting anyone's right to think, feel, speak, or worship as they choose.

Help win support from your Representative before they vote. Send a message to your legislators now!

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