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Winning marriage equality one door at a time

DECanvassPic.jpgSaturday was another great day for the team in Newark. Freddi and Kerry trained the first two door to door shifts in at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. On Saturday we had more than 20 shifts worked! Going door to door is one of the best ways for us to identify new supporters and encourage pro-equality voters to contact lawmakers.
Freddi, one of Equality Delaware's field organizers said, "we try to make sure that everyone has a good experience when they join us to knock on doors. We practice the script together and we try pair up first time canvassers with someone who has done this before. One of the most important parts of the training is often the introductions. It's really inspiring hear the stories people share about why they decided to join our team."
Kerry added, "Once we start canvassing, people we meet at the doors really appreciate how convenient this can be. We let supporters know who represents them in the General Assembly and then we give them a chance to take action from their front porch. It's also amazing to hear people add their voice to the call for marriage equality in Delaware."
Click her to do your part and sign up for a shift this weekend! www.equalitydelaware.org/events
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