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Women's Groups Endorse Gender Identity Nondiscrimination Act


I wanted to share a letter to the editor that was printed in today’s New Journal. Rebecca Powers, president of the National Organization of Women here in Delaware, has been an advocate on many civil rights bills here in Dover and she has added her voice to our campaign to pass SB 97.

It’s especially important to have women come forth in support of this issue. Communities that know what it feels like to be denied equal rights and protections know how important it is to stand up for these basic rights and protections under Delaware law.

Take a look at Rebecca’s Letter:
I am happy to see your extensive coverage of the hearing on Senate Bill 97, a bill that adds “gender identity” to our existing anti-discrimination legislation. The transgender community is often overlooked and misunderstood. As we continue to encourage civil dialogue about these issues and educate one another, understanding and acceptance of our diverse community is hastened.

I write as president of the National Organization for Women, Delaware. NOW has more than 500,000 members nationally, with two chapters residing in Delaware. For more than 50 years, NOW has been working to promote equality and justice in our society. NOW supports SB 97 as a simple matter of fairness. Transgender people can be fired, refused employment, denied housing and live in fear of violence as a consequence of gender identity discrimination. These protections provide a basic level of protection that all members of society should have.

I was disappointed to hear some senators misrepresent the bill as other members of our community attempt to cloak their blatant bigotry under the guise of protecting women and children. NOW believes in justice for all, but has a special focus on women. We would never support legislation that we believed would put women’s safety, or the safety of our children, at risk. We unequivocally support this legislation and completely reject the unfounded assertions that it will in any way endanger women or children. This legislation is about basic fairness and protections for transgender Delawareans, and it has our unqualified support.

-Rebecca Powers, President, NOW Delaware

Rebecca Powers from Delaware National Organization for Women and Charlotte King from the Delaware League of Women Voters joined me in Dover and testified in support of SB 97.

You can show support as well by contacting your Representative. Click here to let your Representative know this issue is important to you! You only have a few hours left to make your voice heard before the final vote today.

Towards equality,


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